Who Am I

by Y. Y. Hailey

Sunday Morn’ Self-Realization Reformed Memories Preceding Intellectual Reasoning
Black Innocently Born Immature Heart Sheared, Shamelessly Torn
Books Barrettes Bashful Grins Adorn Infant Toddler Curious Face
Plans Escape Unknown Desperation Hurry… Expectation Grown
Crawling Walking Skipping Running Approaching Free-Falling Destiny
Purposely Plunging…..
Birthdays Pigtails Spelling Bee Winner Promises Dreams Hopes Obnoxious Pretender
Farfetched Imaginations Youth Magnifying Glass Fantasy Begat Personalized Sleuth
Roots..Let’s See…..Harriet Tubman Malcom X Martin Luther King
Red, Black Green Muhammad Ali Alex Haley Parliament Reigned
Welfare Inheritance Food Stamps Claimed Iq Three Digits School Roster Unlisted
Pause… Reflect…”Momma’s In Kitchen Cookin’ Rice Brother’s Outside Shootin’ Dice
Daddy’s In Jail Raisin H’ll Sister On Corner Sayin Puddin’ For Sale
Perms Presses Jerri Curls
Hide And Seek, Kiss And Tell So Sweet
Pouting Lips, Hair Dark Past 1:00 Am 
Mocha Smooth Skin
Facile Flashing Smile… An Intoxicating Wind
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Deafening Calm It Sings Nothing At All
First Date Second Third Countless Faces Possibility Floods
Deepest Caverns Heart Center Beauty Evokes Fizzling Flames No Prize To Claim
Loneliness Nebulously Laments Stumbling Clumsily
Dawning Aurora Permeating Consciousness
Curious Glimpses Candy-Coated Gestures Sophisticated Supplications Allured Intimacy
Masculine Eyes Portals Windows Like Glass… 
I See Me
Incoming Tides Ocean Spray 
Replenishing Parched Soul
Impatience Saunters, Death Of Unrest 
Desecrated Love
Knight In Tarnished Armor Perfunctory Mask Storm-Tossed Exterior
Minute Internal Worth Know Me Love Me… Not So
Inner Desperation Choking……. Still Solo
Little Pleasure Taken Treasure Shame Twirls Dancing  Furiously With Questions
Slavery Inward Regression Progresses Saturating Concave Of  Pain Future 
Pleasantries Refuse To Abstain
Denied.Desire, Destiny Disdainfully Detained….Evolution Times Backwards 
Unknown Quest
Dissolution Of Plantations Moreover Still Shackled Defeat
Simplicity Beckons, Deception Tragedy Valiantly Bellows I Am Th’ MVP
Dreaming Sheep Wishing Stars Picking Scabs Remainder Scars
Houses White Picket Fence Encircled,
Baby Alive Twister Schnapps Peppermints
Masters Whips Refuse To Repent 
Television Dreams Wonder Woman, 
Diana Ross Who Is….Billy-Jean
Implanted Sugar Plums Santa Easter Bunny 
Lazy Hammocks Greed Mules Led 
Cotton Clouds Prickly Skin Dead
Mind Tiptoeing, Riding Fantasia Out Th’yard
Bubble-Yum Fun-Dip Jolly Ranchers Sugar Babies Sugary Blue
Weddings Candles Bridesmaids 
Eternal Covenant Assures I Do
Success Lapses Idle Transgression 
Stagnated Dreams Th’offense
Spectators Verdict Demand Zero Defense
Daystar, Prying, Peering Horizon 
Nearing Little Black Girl Who Are You
Jumping Rope Jacks Foursquare Peek-A-Boo 
Up The Ladder Down The Ladder ABC
Inquisition Remains… Bellowing Aimlessly 
You Know Me You Know Me

Mrs. Mack Mack Mack, 
Silver Buttons Down Her Back
Jumped So High…..
Gullibility Replies – I Can Fly
Deliberate Weary Expiration Inarticulate Guilt
Frames? Molds?  Patterns? 
Wherefore Spirit Art Thou Hid?
Agonizing Air-Flinging Clenched Fist -Fight
Be Strong Of Good Courage Perceived Inside Destiny’s Taxi, Can’t Afford This Ride
Bewildered Blaring Whispers Infiltrate Girl You Posed To Be Great Cockcrow Departs Getting’ Late
Inspiration Inhales Mysterious Breath Heaving Yearning Outspread
Temporal Prayers Dependence 
Requires Effectual Repent
Infusion Discernment Penetrating Truth Quickening Fire, Discovery Induced
Created Fearfully Wonderfully Made Failures Of Yesterday Chaos Eluminates Confusion Created
Silence Draws Heavy Eyelids Blink Restoration Internal Inferno’s Light
Little Black Girl Apple Of Jehovah’s Eye
Finally, Answers……………Who Am I

Who Am I by Y. Y. Hailey

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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