In Remembrance-Color Me Red!

by Y. Y. Hailey

Should I remember, revisit, colored lineage?
Continue to lie in ignorance?
Stay blissfully blinded; some say you can color the truth?
Should I embrace and expose horrifying clues of my skin's root?
Thought a lot of things like having a little house with a white picket fence
Sublime subliminal subconscious fantasies stemming from heredity
Coloring me red…a red scaled miniature of master's house…
Masterfully manipulated, maybe got mind poison,
I licked my meal from bottom of the trough
Should I remember?
Blacksmiths tenderly troubling the fire
Personal identification bracelets 
adorning my neck
To remind me, prime realty, 
Virginia's pride to stay in line
Fearfully I respect projecting my enemy's fire…
blazed dazed rages in those blue eyes
My color the accuser, a little lower than the beast of the field-hand...
I am the field
Blood smudged tobacco smoke rises
Insurrections planned 
plotted prickly sweat soaked cotton picked…
payment for the sin of my skin
It can be washed… made clean, washed…white
In Jesus deliverance daily dreamt
Dilapidated limbs dying within 3 years
Whippings with dignity I reasonably repent
Greedily stripped---country lips to full…of
Mammies breast --generic milk, 
bereaved, the breeder has escaped
Escaping my reality 
fanatically frantic fist clench
Mammy found by the river whisked then lynched
Should I remember?	
Colored colonies kidnapped citizens
Ships, traders, the kings of Great Britain
Civil war, unions, sold off marriages
Staged trials, mockery defiled 
human rights denied
Land of the free's true intention
Scattered skulls mouths still closed 
scream murder
Tombs of sand on the ocean floor now home
Waves still whisper why? Why? Why? 
What about Jefferson's claims of 
unalienable rights?
The sea accommodating the 
wills and last rights of men
Give me liberty or give me death
Self-fulfilled prophecies that yet had been read
Accusation?  "A Savage" Jefferson contradicts
Uncivilized salvage sold to the highest bidder
Even George Washington protected his own personalized litter of livestock
Auctioned for little more than 
2 bottles of whiskey and a piece of cloth
Clothed in humility, stripped of dignity, and from heaven completely lost
Left out of the will of the Almighty 
"The Maker" of all
All because of cheap labor in labor 
cursed while your riches are preserved
Should I remember?
Floorboards scarred secretly stained 
shaded by silent tears
Kettle black pork fat daily bread was my unanswered prayers
Makeshift dreams miscarriages of hope 
master's misfortune
Drunken lusts of indiscretion coloring me red

In Remembrance-Color Me Red! by Y. Y. Hailey

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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