by Yoli

Got so excited about the date you had for we
Should have realized from your track record
That you would more than likely again disappoint me
Told me you would call around seven thirty or eight
Well I waited for that call three nightís straight
Why couldnít you at least call say you would not come?
Instead of leaving me sitting my the phone waiting looking dumb
I guess I canít blame you you are only being yourself
I am to blame me for sitting here when I could have done something else
But I waited like I always do
Not sure when it is that I will be done with these feelings for you
You have hurt me let me down so many times before
Yet I still await your return when you will walk through my door
This intentional pain I constantly put myself through
Must come to an immediate stop I must be through with you
I have to move on get on with my life
It is painfully obvious I am not the one you choose as your wife
This is something I tell my heart each day
But still it patiently awaits your return leave you no how, no way
Maybe I should pick up the phone call and say goodbye
Knowing all time that would be a terrible lie
I want to understand what it is you feel I cannot provide
Why it is you do not want me apart of your life
You want freedom to act, as you will
I can handle that, just this being without you is the hardest deal
Iím telling you I just want to be in your life no matter how it may be
You can have any woman you like do what you like,
just promise to make a little time for me
To the average person that may seem totally unrealistic totally pathetic
But until they have experienced loveís obsession they will never get it
A heart felt plea I send to you
My heart is bleeding aching desiring a word of conformation from you
We wait here until it is us (my heart & I) that you see
A place to call yours right here in my heart right here with meÖ


Pleading by Yoli

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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