Love Lost

by Yoli

With the purest and the simplest of intentions you came into my life
But who was to know that with you came nothing but strife
You took all I had to give
Used it up and walked away
There was/is no remorse from you till this very day
You would think I would be over you and ready for revenge
But sad to say this weak heart belongs to you till the very end
I tried to connect with all the pain you caused me
But when I think of you all I can recall are loving memories
 My friends say I am a fool to forgive you for this pain
But until they have experienced such love they will never understand 
Believe me I have tried to hate you, tried to despise the very sight of you
But when I see you all I want to be is in your arms like I used to
You must understand that I want these feelings of love to disappear
But again all I can dream of is the day you ask me again to be your dear
I am not sure what spell you worked on me
Of your voodoo love I will never be free
So each day I am searching for a relief
Only to have remembrance of your smile and be filled with grief
I hope that your life has turned out to be all that you seek
Just remember my love you will never find another to love you as much as me
Soon our paths will cross and I will have to be strong
Showing you that I have my life together and have moved on
I will be strong when I look into your eyes
Never let you be aware of these lonely tears for you that I cry
Yes my love it is and always be about you
I hope that one day you will understand this too
Until that time I will hold you close to my heart
Never will I be without my dearest one never will we part
Always my heart and soul you will have an undying hold
For it is you my dearest one that I love—you have all control…

Love Lost by Yoli

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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