Love Game

by Yoli

I crept into her room to steal her heart
Startled to find her waiting for me in the dark
She told me that her heart had called to me
Said she knew that I would come expeditiously
We sat and talked for hours on end
She told me of the games she had experienced
and I told her that with me she would never have to pretend
We expressed a fear that we could never be who we really are
Then made a pack of friendship always to be forsaking all other by far
We laughed like never before
Gradually letting go of ours fears forever more
We held each other close for the rest of the night
We knew with the morning glow that our love would be all right
I left for work you kissed me on the cheek
I smiled so hard and thought that was sweet
I skipped along my day, which seemed to quickly pass
Cupid knew of my desires to be with you again at last
Just as I was losing myself in wicked thoughts of loving you
The phone rang and of the sexy voice I had no clue
To my surprise on the other end was you,
the sweetest voice I ever wanted to hear
My lovely lady for me and soon we would be near
You said you called because I crossed your mine
Said you missed me terribly and wanted all my time
We made plans for a quiet dinner at home
Knowing the real plan was to get it on
We said our good-byes and released the line
But from the moment on you was the only thing on my mind
My day finally ended and I was on my way
To the arms of my lovely one for some much needed play
I arrived at your door at  past five
You lay there naked calling me to the comfort of your thighs
I wanted to take it slow give you a little tease
Make you beg for this love beg for me to please you
And take you to heaven all the way
Make you know and understand that this will be
your very best roll in the hay
We made love until the day peeked thru
And from that moment on I knew I only wanted to be with you
You got up and made breakfast in bed
Told me you wanted to thank me for you had already been well fed
We laughed at the corniness of the remark
Watched as the love between us continue to spark
We knew that we would be forever caught in the game of love
That this love plan was already written in the heavens above
We got dressed for work to start the day
But in the back of our minds we wanted so much more to play
You were done first so I walked you to your car
I was already counting the moments till I again am on your arm
You pulled off and headed down the street
My body burning for your love almost in heat
I knew that soon we would together again
I knew that our love game was point set win
I arrived at work with a smile on face
Everyone notices as I lit up the place
Since you have come my days are always complete
I have accomplished a true love which in this day and age and amazing feet
So I say to you my love I am grateful for you here
I will love you forever and to your heart be near

Love Game by Yoli

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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