Learning To Love Mother

by Yoli

I cry tears for a mother
that will never understand my pain
When I think of the relationship we should have had
I am brought to tears again
I guess leaving your child
is something I cannot personally understand
Running away from responsibility
in my eyes makes you less woman
So very often I look at you with disgust and hatred
Wondering if I can ever really forgive you for what you did
You abandoned me left me alone without a mother to call mine
Now that I am a successful adult you seek forgiveness some of my time
You want me to relate to a woman that I never had a chance to know
A woman that choose to leave me a mother's love you did not show
I must commend you what balls you have
Stand me eye to eye and tell me
of this loving relationship we could have
I ask what makes you think you have the right
I was a motherless child how could ever know my plight
You tell me all these reasons why you decided to leave
Expect me to understand open my arms to your love and receive
Receive you as a mother attempting to correct her mistake
Saying that we can still be a family
starting now bring it current and keep it up to date
But how can you compensate a daughter for years of grief
I can't give you the satisfaction of forgiveness can't give you that relief
I hold you accountable and trial you must stand
You are at this point a neglectful childless woman
Your tears begin to flow as I reject your plea
You beg for another chance to be
the mother you always should have been to me
I see your pain and cannot continue to close my heart
I will make an attempt in life so you may be part
But do not expect to much or quick response to all this
Remember it was not my booboo's you kissed
So we take this journey to be mother and daughter
Make no mistakes this relationship in my life will definitely alter
It will take time for you to know me and I you
It will be a slow process but I am glad of this we have chosen to pursue
A mother I may now have a chance to have
Letting go of all the hurt dealt in the past
I love you for me the child you bore
But only the future knows with certainty for us what is in store
For us to mend all the pain and strife
For us and I to have a friendship and mother/daughter life

Learning To Love Mother by Yoli

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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