by Yoli

You looked clean enough in your fine ass car
Best clientele I've seen tonight thus far
You insisted that I get in to drive
You ride shotgun getting your high
Small little capsule you say eases the pain
Another weak bitch fell slave to that hoe Cocaine
We ride 20 miles south of the city
Say you careful not to let anyone see you with me
Tell me you a congressman Speaker of some house
Spoke candidly of your three kids and nagging ass spouse
Said you once loved her with all your being
Now twenty years later other women your dick be dreaming
Tell me first that you just needed to be heard
So I listened intently without saying a word
Told me you a good man father of three
Said they were all that you needed to feel complete
You babbled on for 4 hours straight
Said now we needed to get busy for the hour was growing late
I quote prices right off the back
$1000 for straight sex, can you handle that?
Told you anything extra would require more funds
Said you had all the cash I needed so lets start the fun
Sucked your dick till you shivered & came
Tooted my ass up so in my pussy you could do the same
Came three times you dozed off to sleep
This the perfect time for a trifling hoe to rob your ass and creep
I was not that type of hoe to take my clientele for granted
If I were my life this long would not have lasted
I drove us back to our pickup spot
You threw me an extra $100 and said thanks a lot
Gave me your business card to keep real close
Said you'd had whores before but liked me the most
Became your permanent whore even became friends
Took me off the streets never to live that life again
10 years later I've never ventured back
Pass that familiar corner and wonder where you at
Finished college after I got my GED
Even got a loving man willing to marry & care for me
Saw you once in the political news
You speaking eloquently giving them other congress jerks the blues
I smiled to myself thinking in my mind
Thanks to you Mr. Congressman I'm doing just fine
Went to your office but never came in
Even though my life turned for the better, in your world I could only pretend
Nonetheless I want you to know without any doubt
Without you my friend I may have never known what true living was about

Thanks John

John by Yoli

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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