The Clicker

by Yoli

Click click click
About the keyboard frame
AOL searching for the ad with the most striking name
Sounds luring enough, maybe even geared towards having a little fun
E-mail a short note just to say hi
Sitting here waiting for a response as the days go by
"You've got mail"
As my computer reboots
Surprised to find a snazzy reply 
Subject line read "Just for you"
Excitedly I opened the e-mail only to find "Hi" as your reply
Even then you left sitting staring blankly at the screen pondering why
Does that mean she is not interested in meeting me
Or does that mean that this would be a game of cat and mouse,
never knowing the outcome or who the winner will be
You have to know that I expected more conversation
I knew from the vibe of the first mail
that I could give into you with no hesitation
I returned your mail instinctively telling you more about me
Literally begging you to write back so I can share myself completely
Two more days pass and no reply
Guess you thinking I may not be enough, that maybe you too fly
"You've got mail"
As my computer rebooted
Surprised again
Another e-mail from you
This time you ask where can we meet?
So we might have the opportunity in person to speak
We exchange numbers but you never did call
Planned your consumption of me, knew that once I saw you…
talked to you…I'd be sure to fall
845 was the time set
Speeding to be on time hoping this time there will be no regrets
I prayed that this time the clicker on the other end
Was not like the other women I met
Full of lies and pretend
Scanned the room trying to recognize you about the crowd
Not really sure what to look for,
so I searched the room for the one with the look—Profound
Searching turned up empty they all looked the same 
Too much makeup... too much perfume....
underneath them all just another plain Jane
Then you walked in the door
My heart and all that took of you were completely floored
In just one look, you gained access to my heart,
my soul, my life, my essence, my spirit even my bank account
I have now a sense of what love at first sight is all about
Love is about finding that someone special to make you feel complete
I tell you
You are a badass sister, just one smile and I was taken by it all my sweet
Our conversation during dinner was uplifting, intriguing and persistent
In two hours you took my mind to places I only dreamed existed
I wanted to stay in your awe for the remainder of the evening
leading into the morning
I wanted to be in a constant state of your learning
Learning about me and all I see in you
I wanted you to know that from now on to you I only wanted to be true
The night came to a close and I walked you to your car
Hoping you knew you had me and my heart
How Bizarre!!
For me a natural born player being so masterfully player
All my thoughts intentions and ideas about love now swayed
Perfectly you fit 
Into my body cavity
Love swirling in a constant fantasy
How this lovely creature is so quickly able to do me
Watched as the lights go dim in the distance
Wanting to run the car down and ask for your hand this very instance
Waited by the phone to hear the sound of your voice
Wanted to do something else but couldn't, my heart gave me no choice
You did it
Caught me all trapped up
But now that you got me, what's the next step
Please tell this weary heart that a love for us
you will so creatively and skillfully construct
Will you continue to hold my heart captive or shall this love be released?
You must see and understand that you are destined to be with me
So wonderfully we fit together like the coolest of grooves
Never thought I'd say this but this time around
I want to be a love struck fool
A fool for you 
Do anything to make you smile…make you sing
Never thought that I would know the real thing
Now I do!!
Signed the clicker

The Clicker by Yoli

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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