Cleaning the Soul

by Yoli

I am not the one you want I know this to be true
So why am I finding it so hard to rid myself of you
You have told me to my face that you want to be free
But I keep insisting that you spend some time and give yourself to me
To you I must look like a fool
Begging you for attention when you enter my presence starting to drool
I try everyday to change my thoughts from you to something/someone else
But again all I want is you for myself
I feel constant pain every time you diss me like you do
But yet and still my dumb butt be chasing after you
The more you run the more after you I come
To you my friends myself I seem pretty dumb
Some may say “girl get on with your life”
“Stop causing yourself pain and unnecessary strife”
But how can they know what it is that I feel
When I sometimes can not even understand my deal
I know I am beautiful with so much to give
But my heart my soul you did steal
I call and ask that you give it back
You laugh at me telling me that right now I am sooo whack
You hang up the phone in my face
It is at this point I feel total disgrace
I have allowed another to completely control my world
I ask everyday what the hell you did to my head girl
Some days not sure if I’m going or coming
However sure that I will no longer be your dummy
This is the last time you will have the opportunity to hang up in my face
Never again experience from you any sense of disgrace
This getting over you is going to be tough
But rest assured I know what to do when things get tough
I will hold fast to this love I have for self
Cleaning you from my system washing away the filth
A sparkling new girl I will soon be
For all this stuff you call love will be gone from me…..

Cleaning the soul

Cleaning the Soul by Yoli

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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