Cat Hole

by Yoli

The cat hole this place so hot
Got to get there early or lose your place
to the neighborhoods new have not
The cat hole you are nameless faceless too
A place where no one gives a damn about what you do
The cat hole has all types
Once doctors, lawyers, prostitutes, drug sellers alike
The cat hole no difference in the way you feel
Looking for the next high loss of reality
not knowing any longer what is real
The cat hole no sense of pride
A place where you can from yourself easily hide
The cat hole we are all family
Everyone aware of the high to fly need
The cat hole cares not for visitors much
Unless it is anew improved high you bring to the bunch
The cat hole there is always empty space
The next lost soul to lose any identifying trace
The cat hole always readily available drug food to feed the soul
The good kind too mind-alternating soul controlled
The cat hole no biological family allowed
Unless you too are delusional and can fit in with the crowd
The cat hole little need for love or trust
Only the ones with no need for it people just like us
The cat hole nothing but despair
Most of us once had family that now seems not to care
The cat hole souls easily lost
Death being the ultimate and final cost
The cat hole life ends then you die
This being absolute truth no need to lie
The cat hole not for everyone the strong excluded
But the weak and frail can be easily diluted
Stay clear of the cat holes do all you can
It will suck the life of even the most decent man
So easily it can draw you in
Once there is almost no way to beat it no way to win
Cross the street especially the weak
Take an alternate route do not travel this street
You ask how do I know so much about the cat hole
I can speak so candidly for it so long controlled my soul
Feel no grief I accepted the cat hole as my home
I had long before I arrived my will to live gone
Now I have been there done that too
I try and educate the lost and all others like you
The cat will kill you probably due to a wicked high
You know the feel good stuff that you claim you need to get by
There are always vacancies in the cat hole this you can believe
But once there expect no one to care no one to grieve
I have since journeyed home
left the cat hole to the new coming residents
I say again before you go with your soul to represent
The cat hole is no where not a grand place to be
Just look at the life I have shared about me
The cat hole needs no new souls
Of a reality you need to always hold
I leave you now hopefully with a sense of what not to do
Stay clear of the cat holes it needs no more like you….
Former cat hole resident

Cat Hole by Yoli

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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