by Yoli

Want to blame me for my fire ass lines
When it was you to give some of your time
To any brotha that happened to come your way
You tired of being alone needing some play

Want to blame me for your rushed to give up the drawls decision
When I only gained access via your permission
Came off them drawls so damn quick 
And think a brotha supposed to down a quick hit

Want to blame me for your heart broken tears
When it was you to settle for the first handsome brotha to sound sincere
Feel for my lines hook line and sinker
Knew right off the back you weren't much of a thinker

Want to criticize me for making you beg and plead
When it was you to assume I wanted to provide any of your needs
Call me names like liar and cheat
Sorry baby girl but it was you to sell yourself for cheap

Want to be mad at me for the pedestal you put me on
Say I was wrong as hell to leave and get gone
What was I to do we had already got down
Save that anger you are the played for a clown

Okay I am a liar cheater never keeps a promise
Maybe now you will recognize this in the next brotha

Want to blame me for your failed dating experience
When it was you to never demanded a brotha's respect and adoration of your existence
Do anything to make me stay along side you
Appeared to me your love you always wanted to prove

Save the drama girl and direct the anger where it should be
At the image facing you and not me
Take this as a lesson learned
The next brotha in your life will have your love according to what he has earned….


Accountability by Yoli

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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