360 Degrees

by Yoli

For your love why did I have to beg?
You told me you loved me needed me 
Those are the things you said
So when I tried to love as you needed
You turn it around and try to make a fool of me
You told me that you needed me to hold you at night
Told me to love you until everything was all right
Thatís what I did anything for you
Then you brag to your friends how you controlled me how I was a fool
You told me your bills were late needed some financial help
Told me it was hard trying to do everything by yourself
So I gave from my heart to help you on your feet
You bragged to your friends how you were using me how for you I was so weak
You told me you never felt the way I made you feel
That you never knew love existed now you were assured it was real
So when I gave a true love none like anything else you had
You told your friends how you had me so into you that I was just sad
You told me that no one understood you like me
Now there was me that your life was finally complete
So I was there in every capacity you so desired
You laughed with your friends how this was a game
just something to get what you needed just something you conspired
So I begged for your love over & over again
When you knew in your heart it was one that I would never win
You laughed taunted how I feel
Knowing all the time your feelings for me were unreal
I wanted to love you so desperately
But all you did was make a complete ass of me
Why then did you stay what was the game plan?
You wanted to see how low you could take this woman?
I wanted you to know that you succeeded well
You took my life and love and placed me in a living hell
However I survived with a lot scars though
But wiser nonetheless and thatís for sure

Beg for a love never me
That is not the type of lover I seek
You have moved on to another heart to conquer and corrupt
I wish I could warn the young woman tell her truly whatís up
 I say to you be warned for your day will soon be here
That one will break your heart the very one you hold dear
You will look back at this time in remembrance of me
For you too will cry tears of a love form which you may never be freeÖ

Everything travels 360 degrees

360 Degrees by Yoli

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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