In This Life

Dedicated to Grace and Mercy

by Yesha McKay

I am determined
	in this life	
		to see myself successful
			through my own eyes.
In this life
	I am committed to the 
		Art of Being Wise.
In this life
	the enemy I despise,
		without compromise 
			children respond likewise.
In this life
	I am weak,
once named meek,
	not afraid to peek 
		through open doors 
			and scream at deceit.
In this life
	I am full, 
	yet not consumed. 
		my strength comes from above, 
			in this life 
				it's my true love.
In this life
	I am conquering fears 
		with constant tears 
			and spiritual jeers.
In this life I've seen many things
	from dope fiends to insane beings; 
		from lost babies to mental slavery... 
			the Lord gave me grace, positively.
In this life
	grown-ups dream, 
		the enemy paints distorted illusions in our mental scheme
			insisting the manifestations of our dedication to utopian serene 
				he will soon erase these hopeful things.
So if your wondering about this life
	I have but two words and my humble advice,
		know Christ.

In This Life by Yesha McKay

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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