The Lesson In Listening

by YaYa Nkisi

The very first time she came to me it was about 4 am. I was so sound asleep it kinda scared me. I hear this lady say “daughter you can have anything you want, you just got to want it bad enough”. I woke up immediately to ask her a question but nobody was there. I woke up my sleeping partner and asked them if they hear that. That? What are you talking bout, they asked me? As I laid back down I wasn’t real sure myself, but I was certain I had heard this lady, I was as sure of that as I was of my own name, or was I, I thought as I drifted back to sleep.

When I woke with the morning sun her voice was still with me. I was excited because I knew that the voice was a spirit voice and this was the first experience that I had, had.

A couple of weeks later this lady came to me about the same time and she gave me three numbers and told me to play them n the lotto. I played the next day and nothing they didn’t hit. They hit the next day and I didn’t have a dime on them. Next I would dream of being on a beach. A beautiful beach with white sand and dark blue water with white foam on the waves made the backdrop of this lady dressed all in blue stirring a cauldron. She has on a blue cotton dress puts me in the mind of a peasants dress, old and worn yet clean and fresh looking and her hair is wrapped with the same material. As I get closer to her she stops stirring and looks up at me. She puts her hand up to shield her face from the morning sun and says to me “I’ve been waiting on you daughter”. I want to ask her things but I wake up from the dream. A couple of nights later she comes to me at the same time and gives me three numbers. I play them for two days and they don’t hit but on day number three they hit and I have not a dime on it. In those days it was hard for me to be able to raise three kids as a single parent and play the lotto every day and of course I knew nothing about sacrifice at that time, well I thought I did, but I didn’t not for real.

I dream about her on the beach again and she tells me all things in time or something like that. A couple of nights later she comes to me again and this time she gives the numbers 315, I’ll never ever forget those three numbers, 315. You can believe I played those numbers until they hit! Five days, it took five days for them to hit, but I caught them, yes I did! Now this lady has my full attention and I know that I am in some type of spiritual awakening, sumptin is going on for sure. I was just really beginning to explore my spiritual side and I had been doing some studying with the Rosicrucian’s and I knew I was on a path, but had no clue who the lady in blue was.

Well a few weeks pass and during this time my son gives me some numbers and my daughter begs and pleads with me to play 315 one day while visiting some friends, we the adults pay her no mind. We sit all together that evening and watch them pull the numbers, you guess it hit, straight and none of us had a dime on it!

A few nights later she is at it again and she gives me these numbers, five of them. Now I have learned a few things and I get up and write the numbers down. In the morning I have no clue what these five numbers mean, but I know I am gonna hang on to them till they make some sense to me. Now a month or so down the road called future the state of Ohio comes out with the six number lotto, I immediately think about the five numbers that I have been holding on to, but it is only five numbers I got and not six. So I come up with a plan to play the five I have and just pick one for the sixth, they hit, all five of them! Well I thought you had to have all six numbers so I threw the ticket away, yep, I did that. I have never really recovered from it but I did that!

It would be a few years later the next time she would come to me in the wee hours of the morning. I had a bad cold and had taken some time off work when she came she told me when you get well you won’t have a job. Well by now you know, she was right! I was “let go” two days later.

Over the years I have had other dreams and many other experiences but that’s my story about The Lady In Blue.

The Lesson In Listening by YaYa Nkisi

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