The Wind Blowing Friend

by Xavier Jonte' Thompson

What is a wind-blowing friend?
We have all had them
Those that are there, but do not stay until the end
They try to defend actions and then turn around and do it all again
They change like the breeze and you have no jacket
They are missing something, they cannot help that they lack it
Because a wind blowing friend, is the one you give the head nod
Keep it moving, because you are a straight fraud 
Wind blows in all seasons
They are lurking and searching
It almost seems like they are determined
To mess in your life and not be real
Not everybody says it, but that is how I feel
Do not be cool with me because you just want to try to know me
Do not be a fake home girl or a fake homie
Be what you have been because I cannot have any expectation
If you do not show me anything, you will see the relation
However, I am glad for the people they know who they are
No matter how much time spent and how far
Those who failed, I knew you would in the end
The people along the way that still want to know me
The ones I walked away from you will never get to know me
The wind can be cold in this gift called Life
So, wear your jacket and bundle up tight
Because in the end what is crazy about the wind blowing friend
They end up teaching you the best lessons about life in the end.

The Wind Blowing Friend by Xavier Jonte' Thompson

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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