X: My Spoken Word

by Xavier Jonte' Thompson

I am more than the suit that I wear
Ethnic person with curly hair
Living in a world that has two views
You better get that person; do them before they do you
Play by the book or break all the rules
Play by the smarts or play the damn fool
Buy or steal, cheat or love
Damn, everything falls under all the above
But, really if were above it
Then why do we continue to fall
Where falling can hurt and lies can cut
The world as we know it, is one huge rut
Where dollar teas have no lemon
Where fries have the fresh taste
The fresh taste, something like a little Debbie cake
However, I do not want your sweet lies
Take back your sweet potato pie, your chinky eyes
Which we both have, show a glimpse into the future, sometimes the past
I just laugh, because I am hungry, however not for you
I am hungry for embrace, a new rising and a new day
Where the moon kisses the sun and the rain goes on vacation
A tropical paradise, a new destination
Where the birds speak words and the lions dance
Iím finally back from my X-trance
Where I take my mind to new heights
No one can understand my hype or maybe you do, which is cool
If you do not, I pity the fool
Because really you should, the future is me
At least that is how I feel; you do not have to believe it
However, to me it is so very real
As real as the wind, as real as the sea
Roaming mountains, Brides and Grooms to be
However, not yet because everything has not been written
Yet all has been spoken in words not known
Life not witnessed
Children not yet grown
However, sometimes I just groan because I cannot say enough
I just make a huff and puff out my SPOKEN WORD.

X: My Spoken Word by Xavier Jonte' Thompson

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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