The Dedication

by Xavier Jonte' Thompson

When I look back, life has not easy and that is a fact
I have had good friends; I have had those that were bad
I had people in my life that did nothing but make me sad
I have been up and I have been down
Always have kept my head up and never a frown
Now, I find that life is changing and some do not have good wishes for me
That is cool though, because I stay doing my own thing
My success will not stop and you will stay the same
There is a word for that today; I think it is called Lame
A lame chick and a dumb dude, full of talk that is somewhat rude
However, I do not talk I let my actions speak
I have my ancestorís blood in me I could never be weak
For the good in my life, I thank you for that
Cannot put a price on friendship and that is a fact
Life is just crazy and sometimes I take things too serious
However, I know I am not crazy or delirious
I just sit back and watch how people do and how they are
Not realizing everyone can be a star
You have got to reach and reach high
I believe and know I can fly
However, in the meantime I have to say goodbye
To those who hold me down and do not wish me well
That is life and I refuse to fail
However, this is not meant to be bad, it is all about the good
Each day I grow, I see the change and feel it deep inside
Better then what a doctor could prescribe
I cannot ask for anything better and I will not
Everything in life cannot be a do not, it has to be a can
That is how I feel and hope you will not appeal
Because this word is legal and binding
Like a post-funeral meeting and read will
Let love flow, I just had to keep it REAL.

The Dedication by Xavier Jonte' Thompson

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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