by Wordless

You may not like the clothes I wear
or should I say my style of dress
You may not like my style of hair
but I don't use products like finesse

You may not like the way I walk
nor the lean in my stride
You may not like the way I talk
nor the ebonics which preside

You may not like my demeanor 
some may call an attitude
You may mistake my boldness 
as obnoxious or just plain downright rude

You may not understand the way I look
at everyday life
But walk a mile in my shoes
and see if u still think my views
as senseless,obscene and trife

You may not like my music
or the lyrics that I sing
You may not understand the meaning
nor the message that it brings

You may not understand the rythm of our
boomin beats and funky sounds
or how we glide so gracefully
when we move our feet and dance around

You may not like the tight curls
some call naps upon my head
Yet we have many different styles
from bald fades to naughty dreadz

You might not understand
why we have a different product line
and the way we greet each other
by the use of different signs

You may not like where I live
but it's my nieghborhood
and because I am who I am
you say I'm no damn good

You clutch your purse and hold it tight
when u see me down the street
but little do u know I have a job
and can make my own ends meet

You may not understand 
why in sports we do excel
not to say it is the only
thing we can do very well

You might not understand
why we still have our own universities
and in this present day and time
we still cry out for justice & equality

You may not understand
why theres still a status quo
While affirmitive action insults us
it is needed even so

You may not like my religon
or the things I represent
You may not like the brown upon my skin
in which I am content

You may not understand
my long deep and forgotten roots
ButI do understand the KKK 
has traded in thier robes & hoods
for three piece business suits 

You may not know my history
for it is rarely taught
but I know all about your history
and the battles that were fought

All the land your ancestors had stolen
for they cringed power & wealth
But how can I expect you to my history 
when I'm not sure myself

You might not know anything about me
for you do not have all the facts
but still you stereotype me 
based on simply that I'm black

Never forget this one simple statement
that I too am a man
and not all things are for you and yours 
to always understand.

Misunderstandings by Wordless

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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