Diamond in the Sky

by Wordless

I didn't cry momma
I didn't shed a tear
not a single drop
I didn't cry momma
They didn't know I was oblivious to pain
They made me that way
No, I didn't cry momma
Wouldn't give em' the satisfaction
When they start in on me
my mind drifts off and goes back 
to that dere far away place
can't quite reckon' the name though,
it escapes me
I didn't cry momma
Can't you see I'm a man now momma?
Even though my middle ain't quite what it used to be
They done tried to take that too
But I'se a still holdin' on
I didn't cry momma
No I was way to busy
runnin' in those open fields
feelin' grains of sand talkin' to my toes
chasin lions,zebras, girrafes and all
and soakin up that magnificent sun
And oh momma!
You should ave' seen it! felt it!
that glorious burning morning star!
Shined light everywhere
even on this po' ol' boys body 
Who u lookin at momma?
Who him?
Don't you pay him no never mind
He jus' tryin' to git u all upset
git yo' blood pressure to a risin'
No momma u jus' rest now, u here?
We ain't gonna' let no one steal our joy
no not anymo'
Whats that?
Oh these here,
no these here ain't no whelps
They jus' decorations thats all,
sorta like tatoos
What? what's dis' here?
Oh dis' here ain't  no blood
No dis' here jus a little colorin'
to fill in all these here tatoos,
you see momma 
these here are the marks of a warrior
the marks of my manhood
the marks of kings
the scars of slaves
but you don't pay them no nevermind
you jus' rest now u here
Yes you jus close those weary eyes of yours momma
and lay that pretty head to rest
and think momma 
think back 
to that there far away place
whose name I do forget 
that place with that diamond 
shinin' in the sky
embracin' you with warmth
showerin' you wit' love
that place
that far away place
we once called 

Diamond in the Sky by Wordless

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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