by OshunMoon

He wanted to mate with me, shit I wanted to mate with him. We didn't even get out our first hello's, hell I didn't even know his name; I could smell him from across the room though. He smelled masculine, he smelled gentle, and he smelled as if he would be patient. I tried to look away but I couldn't he had me locked into his stare. I couldn't move and I don't think I wanted to unless it was to be near him. Some how he was standing directly in front of me, it was as if he floated from across the room. I didn't see when he moved.

He didn't speak, I didn't speak, he only thought and I yearned.. I could feel the heat from his body, I began to tremble out of pleasure, he looked at me strangely as if I didn't have any self control, he seemed to be pleased. I made myself stop shaking, while biting my bottom lip, I wondered to myself who was this man who I suddenly gave power too? Why didn't I want to resist him? Why did he feel so strongly for me? It was as if he needed to feel me but did not know where to begin.

My instincts told me to be patient and just wait...he'll touch me when he's ready. I can tell he's hungry for me, and I'm starved for him. He titled my head back and studied my neck. He licked my throat which sent shivers up my spine. His tongue was soft, if felt smooth against my skin. I wanted more and he could sense it, so he gave me more and sank his teeth in my neck.. I screamed, he was sucking my blood slowly and I was afraid, but the more he sucked the better it felt and I was coming and coming and coming.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I felt him inside of me.. I no longer felt him sucking me he was fucking me he held me so I couldn't move, he wanted to be my healer and I didn't protest, I wanted him to know he held command over my body, as I held command over his, this shit was more than fucking he was taking my soul bit by bit.

I felt myself being absorbed by him and I didn't fight it, I couldn't deny it, I was gone. Shit I wasn't even in my body, we were operating on another plane, damn what's his name? I can't even pronounce it, speaking in tongues and different dialects, experiencing a universal moan and groan, feeling right at home in his presence. I am not my skin; we were digging deep trying to reach the core of blackness reached Venus and Mars and brought unity no longer divided by opposites and miscommunication everything was free flowing, easy going , gravity was holding this tight. No longer strangers, we were inseparable lovers that discovered of our inner selves.

Taken by OshunMoon

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