by Chan

Part I

I stood on the highest building, and inhaled in the air, that my true love is breathing. Through every deep breathe I took, I could smell my love's presence in the universe. As he exhaled all of his being, I felt every longing, every passion, every disappointment, and every intamite thought. I spun myself around, and blew into the wind. I blew him my heart, I blew him my future, and I blew him my existence.

As I stood there I felt a tug pulling me. The closer I got to the edge of the building, the more I began to feel complete. I opened my arms and closed my eyes, and took flight. I allowed his energy to guide me. I no longer had control; I no longer wanted control.

Part II

I remember standing on a building, and I remember feeling your strength from within. All of my emotions came aloud, no longer did I have control of this vibe.

I stood on the edge and I blew you my soul. I turned to the east and I blew you my love. I turned to the south and I blew you my heart. I blew you all of me, Here I come.

I felt you calling out my name in your mind. You couldn't understand how I would be found. You had to figure out which guide you would call, being that we knew that we could be found.

You stood on the edge and you blew me your soul. You turned to the west and you blew me your love. You turned to the north and you blew me your heart. You blew me all of you, here you come.

Soulmates by Chan

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