Love Moon

by Chan

I slipped away last night, to visit my love moon.
When I reach  my destination, he glowed so bright
letting me know that he was glad to feel my energy.
I laid in the grass, and closed my eyes.
I closed my mind to everything that happened in the day,
and focused on the things that were to come tonight.
My love moon started from the tip of my toes ending at my head.
I felt so clean, so free,
wanting to stay with my moon for eternity.
Knowing that we only had a few hours before the sun had to rise,
I quickly rose to my feet and dance with the moon,
he held me so close, so tight.
Engulfing my Scent in his universe.
He whispered in my ear,
that he would always be near,
even if he seemed to disappear.

My love moon gave me a glow, which made me high.
I felt myself elevating to the sky,
Feeling as if I would never die.
I noticed a tear coming from his eye,
so I asked why do you cry?
And he said that from the moment I saw you,
I knew I had to have you.
And from the moment you released your energy,
I knew you could never be the enemy.
When you first looked into the sky and hummed that sweet melody,
I knew we would always be for eternity.
I am you love moon, and you are my earth love.

There will never come a night you will live in fright,
wondering if I'll soothe your soul right.
He leaned down to kiss me good night,
and all I could tasted was the wine which had me entwined.
My mind digested its taste, never forgetting for those times
when we will not be able to embrace.
My intuition was telling me to express myself,
in a way that would allow us to connect,
for the time has approached to say goodbye.

I opened my insides and allowed my heart to speak,
I became weak, and I was fighting sleep.
I had to tell my love moon exactly how I felt,
for I could not predict when I would see its fullness again.

So, I opened my mouth, and sang to him,
  and sang to him,
     and I sang to him.
Over, and over again I told him I loved him.
I cried my words, and I became my words, as he shaped my words.
He swallowed everything I fed him, as I dranked from him.
Finally, we forced our good-bye's
swearing to one another our love would never die.

As he faded away, I slipped away back to my day, reminiscing on everything that made me want to stay with my love moon...

Love Moon by Chan

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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