Goddess Of Love

by OshunMoon

I am, I am a goddess, I am a goddess of my existence. Through every breath I take, I inhale a sense of peace, a sense of direction and control. With my mind I create a place for love, my interior reflects my exterior.

My stride shows royalty, my stare shows loyalty...a dime you would say, naaaaaw I am a woman who represents her ancestors to the fullest. I am the type of Goddess that is made of love; I mean water and blood, damn let's not forget love.. Awe, I said that all ready, well that makes me the goddess of love, the goddess of love, the goddess of love.

I over see the emotions that float through the ocean, the stars react to my potion the ooze's out of my pearls, which drips into the mouths of the inhabitants. Replenishing the gray areas of mother earth. I walked backwards through the past to detect the error that lives in our present, which is destroying our future.

In harmony with the birds that fly over my head, dropping knowledge to me on what goes on all around my bed. Keeping me sharp and sensual, and sweet and sexy. I mesmerized the bark of the tree that reached my knees and in return was rewarded with the honey that the bee's stored for their queen whom in reality turned out to be me their queen bee. Not mistaking for little Kim, but for Oshun who is the goddess of love, I'm leaning on mother earth to have my back to defeat Set, who seeks to destroy the t rue meaning of love.. The goddess of love, the goddess of love, the goddess of love..

Tip toeing through the hearts men who promised to never love again, reshaping and reforming and feeding them the milk from my breast, which made my chest cave in, they drained my energy that made them rest upon the mountain they climbed and climbed almost slipped on the petal that tested their balance between Yin and Yang. Felt completed when my God kissed the back of my neck, which shot through my throat, had me hollering, had me gasping for air. I was committed to the nearest hospital, because my heart ex ploded from the love he gave me, the love he made me dizzy and queasy and easy.. No questions, no faking the god was real knew what the deal was knew he had skills with the goddess of love.. I am the goddess of love, the goddess of love, the goddess of love.

Goddess Of Love by OshunMoon

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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