by Chan

You say I am beautiful, yet you don't want me.

You say that any man would be a fool to not want me, yet you don't want me.

You even said  I had all the qualities in a woman that you like,

but yet you don't want me. Why is that?

Should I have waited to kiss you? If so I apologize.  I was feeling you.

Something inside of me just could not resist, letting your lips touch mine.

Can we start over? Hi my name is ..... And love is the ruler of my soul.

Do you have a girl?  If so, I guess I can try in overstand.

But if not, how about you and I discuss the possibility of us becoming one.

Ah damn, there I go. Am I scaring you? Am I coming on to strong?

It's just you are someone that I would drown with.

I mean hold my breath for, you are so hard to ignore.

Is that why you don't want me? Because, I love too hard?

Or am I hard to love?

You see there's so many things that I dream of with you that has to come to pass.

I am tired of wearing a mask, give us a chance to explore romance.

Listen love, take off you shirt. Now close your eyes. Clear your mind.

You are wondering what's that sweet smell.

Oh, that's just an almond oil I plan to massage your resistance away with.

Forget about what they said, and forget about what they did,

Chan is here with a master plan.

Damn, baby I know you're in high demand,

I've been through the chain of command,

and you are the one whom must decide if you and I could be you and I.

Would you like a glass of wine? Let's toast to you finally being mine.

Now look at you, looking deeply into my soul realizing that I am pure for you.

Challenge by Chan

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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