Caught Up

by Chan

Damn, look at me, I'll all caught up in someone who in reality
doesn't even feel me.
In the mist of sleeping with me, he's sleeping on me.
Can't see pass my ass, never looking into that glass
that reveals all that I am, all that I can be,
to make any man completely going insane
not knowing if he even remembers my name.  
Call myself taking a brake trying to fix me,
I end up fixing a man plate, haven't went on one date.
Praying to be that virtuous woman that my mama has raised me to be, 
not like those who don't know that they are queens.  
In my heart I can sense my King coming to save me from me.

Not knowing what lies a head of those days
when you call to see what i am doing, 
and I tell you that I have found the God within me.
Buried so deep inside he could no longer hide
the true love he had waiting for me,
When I decided to drain my lust ocean,
so he may fill me with his true love poison.

Caught up in some real, divine can't by with a dime love.
Caught up in some free your minds don't waste my time love.
Caught up in some ever-lasting forever breathing love.
Caught up in some, Caught up in some, Caught up in some....

Damn, I almost stop breathing,
couldn't believe that I was no longer feigning for your scent, 
I mean I felt refreshed like a mint.
Had to allow that cool feeling I was experiencing inside,
decide where it wanted to reside, where it wanted to take pride.
Now sensing my conscious mind had to unwind
from all the activity that took place within my own race.
I decided to take a brake from being fake...

Caught up in some, scented candles, incense burning, and massage oil love.. 
Caught up in some, ocean breeze, damn would you please tease me love..
Caught up in some, everlasting forever breathing love.

Caught up in some, Caught up in some, Caught up in some...

Caught up by Chan

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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