I Remember This Sentiment

by Willie L. Green

I remember this sentiment
The wind blowing on my face
Seasonal bliss blowing a kiss
A flavor I savor and yet yearn to taste
Like the scent of a woman that can't be denied
As I lick the salty tears that escaped from her eyes
The phenomenal array of intensity swirl in my mind
Is this autumn, spring, winter, or is this summertime
Yeah I recall that emotion
I use to call it love
And I wonder, now? Here?
As the rain descends from above
Is this real?
How can I pretend that passion is tangible?
My conscience is nil
The nausea I can't handle
Yeah I recognize this feeling
I hope to God, it's not true
Cuz I know the sordid eradication
That love brings on you
If this time I am in love
Then with who? And how come?
I remember all the pain
And how my soul went numb
When I sobbed in the rain
Like a lil' boy who hammered his thumb
Of course the impression is nostalgic
Yet somehow it is metamorphosed
And yet at base it's still the identical
In the finale there is nothing left
You're right, I grasp that affection
A domain teeming of romantic wealth
And you require me to fathom this devastation
Embrace in the relations of the cituation
And I'm supposed to forfill this hallucination
Forfeit my own illumination
Allow this feeling to enlighten me
When I'd rather be free
Yeah I see that shit
You want me to be component to this
Hell no
No way you are gonna get me in this fight
I don't care if it does feel right
I'm not charging that promenade, not tonight
Can you perceive this empathy
Do you insist this sympathy
I won't concede
To so antiquated a need
For an emotion
Infesting like a weed
So here I post dubious of my course
Should I go commanding in on my brilliant ivory horse
Like the frosted gallant in search of his virgin
Or should the horse be black; the Knight a different version
I close my optical in longing that sunrise will emit some perception
Will I wake up and make this rule the exception

I Remember This Sentiment by Willie L. Green

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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