My Baby

by Willie L. Green (Poetykal)

Let's talk about my baby/My lady
Don't play she will invite you to fight/Tonight
At the blink of an eye/Why, I bet not imply
Gets down for her man/Yall don't understand
I mean she ride for me/Hide me, lie for me, if it is called for,
Yeah my boo would die for me
Scared of the air and wifey would still/Fly for me
I mean yall, a woman/She keeps it cumin
Would walk through hell's fires/Just to achieve my desires
When I say tp/Whoadi, we talking entire
Looked deep into her eyes and my soul was inspired
The truth is what tell/Let's face it she put me through hell
But fuck it she's mine/And damn my baby is fine
Like I said let's keep it true/I'm a fool for my boo
Once told her, "I would walk the wire for you"
Would work my fingers to the bone/Just to make sure she had a happy home
Do dirt in a New York minute/To ensure that she stays in it
As proof that ours has been tested to the metal/I'd cover her in a shower of rose pedals
She keeps it real/We keep it on the level
With her with me I could take on the devil
It is my boo that makes me crazy/ Like I said let's talk about my baby

My Baby by Willie L. Green (Poetykal)

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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