If It Is Mine

by Poetykal

Scenario (1)
Your child this is
You laid down and help make this kid
Reach in your pocket and pay for what you did
Your momma believes me and so does you pops
I'll get them to buy what you will not
And in the end you will always be in my life
I'll take what I can get since I can't be your wife

This is your child you imply
As you cried
The tear they seem to flow from you eyes
I believed you and forgave you
For sleeping with Harry, Tom, and Dick
How was I to know that this was all your trick
But now I got the papers 99.9% not mine
So leave mom and pops alone
Oh yeah, I hope you find the daddy in time

Scenario (2)
I know you don't believe me
And I can't blame you
Knowing I deceived yee
Is why I live in shame boo
But this is your child
I hope you can forgive me
Cause I need you with me
So sit down your pride and close your heart
Let's get this family right we had a very bad start

Hold on lady let me interrupt
Because what you just told me over fills my cup
If I am the father then prove it to me
And I'll be there when you call me
I'm telling you B
The truth will set you free
So if you are lying to me
When I get them paper
I'm gonna open the gates
Release the hate
To find this ain't my child, I just can't take
But since you swear it's mine I'm gonna hold you down
Treat you like a princess and keep your feet off the ground

If It Is Mine by Poetykal

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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