by Willie L. Green

I stood before you broken hearted and weakened faith
You heard my plea....showed me everything will be ok
I stood beaten and tired
You filled me with your fire
Sent me on my journey's way
Told me hold'd take my hand....keep me strong
All I had do was continue to fight
Keep watch for the demons....the things that creep in the night
You bathe me with the spirit....I yield to you splendor
All you ask of represent in its tenior
So that, I'll hopes that all will see
If you give you glory to a heathen like me
They too should believe....and concede to your power
And avoid the evil one....for their souls he will devour
A thousand times I should have followed you path....but I detoured
Once I was your child......but I fell to his lure
I guess I had to take that plunge
I had to fall from your sacred walls above
How else was I to learn the extent of your love
And I believe I felt it....yes I think it's true
You know I'm sure I felt it.....what it is to be loved by you
And it's weird how I'm lighter with every step
Probably cuz you're carrying me.....or walking at my left
It is truly nice to be under your roof
Protected from the hatred of men who are quick to shoot
But my soul went cold when you let my father fall
Then there David, Tony, Big Mama
Guess they only answered your call
And I know what I write will only be read by some
Yet it's all copesetic....long as it touches one
So if my damnation will save all I can
Then Lord do as you choose
I love you .......aman

Donation by Willie L. Green

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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