Don't Worry

by Willie L. Green (aka Poetykal)

                 The other day

           I stood dressed in black

          I was there to say good bye

              To another old cat

            For him I shead a tear

        And poured out some more liquor

      Can't believe I have to bury

                Another old ***

      As to the fight that took your life

        For my life I can't figga

       But in this life you lived large

        I hope your next is even bigga

      Through my eyes I watched them cry

      Eloise, your mother, your daughter

        Hope her life makes it farther

     Yeah I got her back like you had mine

 Naw Redge it's no bother it's worth my time

      So when you get there tell my pops

                 Who I became

              How much I changed

             When life had me down

           I charged it to the game

           Let him know that I was a

               Man when he left

       And today I'm a better man

             I did that by myself

             It's cool Redge

             You took us this far

                Now we got this

          Handle things where you are

        Dawg, don't get me wrong

           You will be soarly missed

     You'd still be here if I got my wish

           But your journey is over

          Ancient playa get your rest

        It's another brother's turn

         You've passed your test

      And you may not have been the best

           But you once hit the top

            And fell to the bottom

         I guess the cycle never stops

         So don't worry about us

      For we still have a long way to go

       And when I need your constant eye

                   Trust me

       You'll be the first to know

Don't Worry by Willie L. Green (aka Poetykal)

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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