To Be Loved By Me

by Willie L. Green

To all the women I have loved so proud
To both to whom I gave my vows
Only to find that you
Didn't hold your own vows to be true
I give you this to show why you didn't hold me
Why I couldn't accept the lies you told me
But this poem has a more potent charter
In the scheme of reality it's purpose goes much farther
For it is not only definition for what you did wrong
But my own very description of a black queen who's strong

Historically speaking:

Give me Angela Davis who fought for ground
Or Mrs. X who could aways be found
At Malcolm's right poised and ready to support his plight
Or Mrs. King who continued Martin's fight
Or Rosa Parks who started a moment and brought clubs a song
Must've been something in her day but I must go on
See these women had strength which can't be compared
They fought for their loves and beleifs and they must've been scared

Presently speaking: (Family)

I must speak of "Mama Sophie"
She loved RC to the last
Or Mrs. Caroline Allen
Who loves Great Grandpa long since he past
Or "Big Mama", she raised my father and 3 brothers
Not to metion Mrs. Anne May Green
She has power like no other
Then there's my moma
Though sometimes we fight
She instilled good values
To help keep me right
Then there is Tasha and Ginger
Friends that I miss
Also there's Kesha a girl I once kissed
Next ther is Triba who had a bad start
She gave "V" a daughter so I guess he's smart
To go against myh word and stay with her too
Can't forget Mama Murphy Nigga
She raised you
Oh yeah Elloise and Rose who have been my uncles's side
To keep with those niggas take heart and pride
Then there is Cudda, my right hand
I can't believe she stayed with that silly ass man
Last there is Vicky, for 10 years she's cried
Lord know how she missed my father since he died


I need a woman who's strong
To whom I can belong
Who will hold me steady
When life goes wrong
Be my guidance in a world I don't understand
When I'm weakest your're holding onto my hand
Beatiful, smart, and stimulated
Respectful and loving even to them you hated
You are power personified
It is you who honored I for but 9 monthes you will bare my child
For a lifetime we both will smile
For a gift given me to you then from you to me
A connecting branch to add to our family trees
When you're well I'm there
When you're sick I'm there
When I'm poor you're there
When I'm rich you're there
Where is there?
Where ever there is
You, me, and our kid


Trust, honor, respectíŽ.All segments of love
For love isn't true without what's mentioned above
Spirit and heart to fight til the end
If we can't also be friends then love can't win
Then there is time which effort supersedes
Add in supporting deeds from which love feeds


Must have a backbone
Most had it
Must know truth
Making most not worth shit
Must hold humor
And a decent intellect
Two more positives
I couldn't check
Must be faithful
A deed mostly undone
None were right
Save one

To Be Loved By Me by Willie L. Green

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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