White-man Cell

by Boss Hogg

I will live through this, yes I will survive. 
I will tell how they beat my head on 
the prison cot as my brain burned like fire.
The punishment cells are small brain burned like fire.
The punishment cells are small and very cold.
When I get out I will be fifty
But I will survive any how
I will tell them how I nearly froze during the nights.
But Jehovah God kept me for it was his fight.
I am his child and the courts just did not treat me right. 
I did not commit the crime, so I should not have to serve the time. 
There are mice in the cells.
I will tell them how I got my first wisps of gray hair.
I will smile and say some jokes, 
and tell them how I had always had hope. 
And they will ask, doesn't it hurt to remember? 
And I will look at them and shake my head 
because these people talk like I am dead.
I am in jail a step in hell. 
I am serving time that is not mines, 
and they ask me like they are God.
They wonder why I am not crying and begging on my knees. 
You see I am not guilty so I do not have any need.
In here ones got to have some faith. 
Especially when sentenced for someone else mistake. 
They torture us by holding letters from those we love and mama can't afford no telephone.
The snake was Satan and his crew and now they want us to do as they do. 
Fifteen minutes to wash for hygiene. 
A meal of salt water and a piece of bread.
They threw me through the door; I struck my head and lost consciousness. 
Because I knew a lot of my fellow inmates where beaten worse. 
Times of interrogation, they wanted conversation. 
My inquisitor said boy you best be grateful you not dead.
Imprison with men, Baptist, Apostolic, Non-denomination and Catholic. 
One after the other relatives' body.
It was terrible. But I will survive. 
I will be coming out and then I will tell you how it was. 
And why I am still here. 
You see I know who I am they do not. 
I am the lost son of God who has been found and restored unto His rightful place. 
No weapon formed against me shall prosper. And no man has.

Lionel Whitehead #384523

White-man cell by Boss Hogg

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