Who Kills Their Parents?

by Lionel C. Whitehead

There are three types of individuals who commit parricide.
I read in the news today how a child shot his dad betwixt
The eyes.
One is the severely abused child
Who is pushed beyond his or her limits.
The parents never realizing or just does not care
What they are doing to the child, and do not care where.
Another is the severely mentally ill child.
Who just does not understand
He’s the child that kills without warning or
Planning when he or she gets the chance.
And the third is the darling of the tabloids,
The dangerously antisocial child.
This is the lonely child,
The child seldom known to smile
Here we got the wayward child that crying from within
To bitter, to angry to allow anyone near
This is that child that got the worst kind of fear.
By far, the severely abused child is the most frequently
To commit this crime.
We live next door to him,
We see him on the streets
He's angry at almost everyone he meets.
More than 90 percent have been abused by their parents.
In-depth portraits of such youths have frequently shown that
These children killed because they could no longer tolerate
Conditions at home.
These children were psychologically abused by one or both parents
And often suffered physical, sexual, and verbal abuse as well—
And witnessed it given to others in the household.
They did not typically have histories of severe mental illness or  
of serious and extensive delinquent behavior.
They were not criminally sophisticated.
For them, the killings represented an act of desperation—
The only way out of a family situation they could no longer endure
The system have young innocent babies up in here with heartless
And society sometimes calls it "Tough love"

Who Kills Their Parents? by Lionel C. Whitehead

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