Up In Here

by Boss Hogg

Up In Here
Pedophile, Rapist 
Who Are These Killers?
I felt an ache in the pit of my stomach 
When I heard it. 
Then I saw it on television, 
I sat across from one
That had committed it.
I heard the screams, 
I felt the pain, 
I can still hear the screaming 
The ringing in my brain.
How dare we call ourselves a civilized society 
When we can let brutal murders happen right 
Under our (justice system's) nose 
Up in here anything goes 
Yet they promise to keep our streets safe 
With a straight face
When they can't even keep this 
From happening in their own prisons 
And how dare anyone feel good 
About something so horrible
Children come behind the wall everyday.
Pedophiles and rapist enter inside to stay 
Each and every one of those children 
May be scarred for life 
Because of this sick need to get off 
On little kids. 
The fact that it's tied to the church 
And it's an abuse of trust is Scary. 
The epidemic going on all over the country is sickening! 
Not just behind the wall.
Young children are killed every day, 
Like grown men up in here
Size, weight and height 
Do not make a difference. 
120 pound men bring two hundred 
Pound men down. 
Size, weight and height 
Do not determine who stays around.
Since some of you are all celebratory 
Over the death penalty, 
I thought I would remind you that 
It’s over for them once it takes place. 
They do not have to reflect on what they did,
They do not have to sit in the man- made hell 
That they was going to spend in as the years roll on,.
They will not have to face their crimes 
As more victims come out of the darkness to speak. 
In a sense, they are free now.

Up In Here by Boss Hogg

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