God is Unchangeable

by Lionel Whitehead

The people needs to know
Some of them claim that Jesus guides them
Talks to them, walks with them yet blind as a bat
So many of them are senseless and almost out of their minds.
God's word is unchangeable. 
He does not, will not change
My God Jehovah is always the same.
"Heaven and earth shall pass away, 
But His words shall stay the same
I love the Lord so I do not do anything 
Willingly that might bring 
Shame to His Holy name. 
Satan has viciously and relentlessly attacked me. 
Sometimes Christians attacking me too! 
I've heard preachers and lay people say 
God is punishing you, 
Sometimes itís hard to understand those who claim 
To be led by God's Spirit say and do the things they do.
Then they turn and say God bless you.
It is not possible for the natural man 
To understand the way of God
It breaks my heart 
When a child supposedly of God
Throw stones and bricks at me.
Claiming they are free
I even listen to some of them singing
Weíve got the victory
Yes I am behind these bars 
Locked up, shut down, all of my movements
The system knows but thatís okay.
Jesus goes with me wherever I go
But guess what? 
The free man is the lost man
The confused man, the misused man
Walking in darkness bounded in a prison
Of his physical, mental, and emotional spirituality
While I am spiritually, emotionally, and mentally free.
Even behind this wall I have the victory.
For Jesus lives here with me.
And the world knows itó
Every word of God is pure: 
He is a shield unto me up in here
For I place my trust in him.
While I pray for them.
Trying to introduce them to him.
Being able to talk to a child of God 
Is one of the greatest blessings I can receive
Daily I pray to God even when I am not on my knees
For He walks with me, 
He talks with me and He tells me 
I am His own
Physically I am all alone 
but spiritually 
I am never alone 
Because Jesus lives in Me.
I got the Victory
speaking with one that says he or she 
is a child of God spirit commune with truth
quoting scriptures that I know, 
but they are worded so differently 
that I have to ask the reference. 
This is confusion, and we know 
the authors confusion, is the enemy of my soul the Devil. 

God is Unchangeable by Lionel Whitehead

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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