I Believe Help My Unbelief

by Boss Hogg

MARK 9 24 

Behind these walls Christ lives.
As does HIV and AIDS 
And so many other diseases that kills
Hate and bitterness grow by the minute.
It’s hard to believe that Jesus Christ isn’t in it.
Lord, help our unbelief

As the devil lives within these walls
He’s the greatest thief of us all
Lord help our unbelief.

Unbelief thrive within these walls of Jesus or God
Some inmates find it rather hard 
To believe that there is really a loving God
With a heart, that would step back,
Listen to all these grown men scream 
Imagine the children that comes in
To the house of doom confined into 
Cells with no room for escape
What else can they think of a God watching 
the entire cruel abuse take place
Lord help my unbelief

Sex behind the wall happens everyday
No matter what the justice system might say.
Be it with consent or rape, 
sex happens on a daily base
Rape and abuse have so many faces 
It’s without respect of person 
When it comes to origin, sex or race
There should be law against the system placing
Young innocent men and women
In cells, to be devolved and taken advantage of.
But there are not, 
Anything goes when a lifer gets hot
How are these young to believe
Lord help our unbelief. 

The same Jesus who came to reveal God to us, 
A God of compassion, love and mercy.
Is the self same God that allows these things to take place
This self same God revealed in Jesus, stand by 
Behind these bars it is simply hard to believe that inmates die
While praying to God on their knees.
It’s hard to believe that God didn’t sent AIDs 
Or any other illness into our world. 
It is so hard to imagine a deity who could deliberately inflict 
So much pain and suffering is to imagine not God, 
But a monster.. 
Daily we come together to help their unbelief, 
to speak to them about acceptance of Jesus 
and how he alone bring true relief
Lord help our disbelief. 

Help us to recognize the difference between Jesus and the thief.
Help your people behind these walls to acknowledge you and find relief. 

Author's Comments:
"Raped and abused behind the walls. Release to inflict the learn way of life 
upon society takes place everyday. one of Four parts. 
Incarceration also has been used as a means of punishing and controlling 
persons who are believed to be knowingly infecting others. 
Many statutes have created criminal sanctions against HIV-infected people 
believed to be spreading the virus through irresponsible behavior "

I Believe Help My Unbelief by Boss Hogg

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