The Fall (Part three Jesus Behind The Wall)

by Boss Hogg

The fall of man meant death;
we needed Jesus to clean up the mess
from heaven to hell man did fall
old satan stuck out his chest reaching upwards
feeling all tall and on the ball
killing the children of God he thought 
that was all he had to do
showing the Father who was boss.
He shouted to his fallen comrades 
I'd now take my throne
but oh was he wrong.

Salvation means the overcoming of death. 
The creation of man listening to the devil 
started this mess.
And yet we as human beings are blessed.
The Church began in prison
In Christ Jesus who delivered all mankind
I say to you at this time.
Read the Word so you won't be blind

All behind bars aren't criminally minded
Some of you might find very hard to believe
I tell you this so you will no longer be deceived..

I have endured tremendous hardship all my life, 
You may not be able to understand it
Or how I can say this from behind the wall
Just know Christ took care of it all.. 
It would take forever to explain. 
But know this I am not living in shame. 

The Fall (Part three Jesus Behind The Wall) by Boss Hogg

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