Snared Behind The Wall

by Lionel C. Whitehead

"My son, if thou be surety for thy friend
if thou hast stricken thy hand with a
stranger. Thou art snared with the words
of thy mouth, thou art taken with the
words of thy mouth" (Prov. 6:1-2)

Sometimes some dangerous stuff can fall
from our lips.
let me give you a tip
so don't trip
just learn from it
and don't let negative things fall
from your lips.
for lose lips have sunk many ships
and broken up many friendships.

Whenever I am snared,
I am snared by the devil;
snared by my own words.
I am the only snare I will ever meet.
No one is doing anything to me.
but me. These words came one night
as I tossed and turned in my bunk
after thinking back on lots of junk

" If you want to undo the snare
you will undo the words of thy mouth,
undo what you speak.
Once you undo what you speak,
the spirit said to me
some great things will begin to happen for you.
you can only enter into things that you give
yourself permission to enter into."
then came a sweet peace over me
falling into a deep restful sleep.

It isn't easy being here behind the wall
trying to speak the word of God at all
speaking only the Words which bring life
while sitting behind bars with men
that are criminally harden.
most of us won't ever be pardon.

Speaking words of plenty,
not lack, want, or limitation.
speaking only the Word. as
I have come to understand,
how the Lord of my soul works.
through me as a man.

Words have power, they have wings
what comes out the lips sink many ships
I stood among those ships.

Snared Behind The Wall by Lionel C. Whitehead

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