I Called You My Diamond

by Boss Hogg

You was the most beautiful woman I'd ever met
sometimes I would just set
looking at you, praising God you were mines
Then I found you weren't all that.
I called you my diamond
You was a real jewel,
Oh Baby! but did you fooled me?
You played me like a string on a guitar
You played me this time
I give you that.
I loved you more than any diamonds
You played me like children playing with unwanted toys
I thought you were just joking when you 
would laugh at me and say 
"you better stop boy"
Girl, I called you my diamond
I took care of you.
Baby, there was nothing. 
I wouldn't have done for you
but you let me down.
when this guy came around
I've got to go,
I have got to to go. 
I have got to go. 
It's time for me to Leave town
I treated you like a goddress
I paid your bills. I took you wereever you wanted to go.
but to you I was foolish and slow. but no more, no more.
II did things for you, I never imagined I would do.
. I took you were ever you wanted to go.
and all you could do was break my heart
I should hav eknown you wouldn't treat me right
especially since everyone told me how you love to fight
I called you my damond and I treated you right
no matter what you diid
I forgave 
but this time 
lets say the bill is paid.
I am gone.

I Called You My Diamond by Boss Hogg

© Copyright 1972. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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