Up In Here The Lord is Working on Our Unbelief

by Boss Hogg

“And we despaired even of life in order that we might not rely on ourselves, 
but on God who raises the dead."
2 Corinthians 1

Up in here.
Where there is death and so much fear
No matter what the outside world might think. 
We are human beings that Jesus gave his life for. 
We believe Jesus wept at Lazarus’ tomb and 
God weeps when we suffer and shares our pain. 
Even behind the wall God continues 
The compassionate mission of Jesus through us. 
Through our response 
God is transforming the prison world. 
For only He is the God of love
God constantly calls us to transcend ourselves 
As we face suffering and evil behind the wall. 
Spiritual growth is all about self-transcendence. 
We are called to hold and to live the values of Jesus, 
So that we become people of compassion and genuine love. 
In living out these values we ourselves are transformed. 
There is no justice behind the wall. 
Our only hope is Jesus Christ. 
It was for us sinners that he gave his life. 
Jesus live and worked among a relatively small group 
of inmates up in here
He chose a small group as his disciples 
Formed them into a community. 
With them he moved around locally, 
Healing and teaching the values of the kingdom of God. 
This was also how the Church started from the beginning: 
There were small local communities 
Who felt inspired by Jesus and called by God 
to live out the mission of Jesus. 
This is happening all over again in our time. 
Behind these walls God calls us to form local communities 
to continue the mission of Jesus up in here. 
And for each others safety 
There are many of us who feel impelled to do something 
About Aids and diseases behind the wall. 
Sometimes it seems the justice system just does not care at all.
When each of us faces God one day to give an account 
Of how we have spent our lives, 
The greatest indictment would be not to have done anything 
About the enormous needs around us. 
Indifference is the greatest sin. 
There is no doubt that the greatest need of our time is 
HIV/Aids and the many related challenges, 
Such as the growing number of young people, 
Entering the prison system
The whole question of gender inequality and 
the abuse of another human being.. 
we will give an account for when we meet with The Supreme Being
Before his death, Jesus promised his disciples he would send the Spirit, 
whom he called the Advocate. 
The Spirit-Advocate is with us 
Here behind this wall as the Spirit is with all God’s children
Big, or small, free or physically bound
God’s spirit is always around.
As we become the voice of the voiceless. 
The fatherless up in here
We need to be advocates for Aids awareness and education, 
Behind these walls for young children coming in
Being abused and misused.

Up In Here The Lord is Working on Our Unbelief by Boss Hogg

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