The Last Word For Boss Hog Lives On/Free Verse

by Lionel C. Whitehead AkA Boss Hogg

Last night as I was reviewing some of
the responses from all of You. A name we
all are familiar with was Our Dear
Friend who had so much to share not just with
me but all of those whose Dreams and Prayers
remained and shared since his Love for us on this site came back to me so I could give you 
feedback is what he hopes to be continued. 
By the Grace of God share these great words he feels and believes to be True.
He will be leaving California to where I spent
almost all my Life and rhat is Wisonsin, where just
maybe he will get the chance to at least get a
parole review. 
I know he shared his new address and as soon as I find it, I promise I will pass it on to you.
One thing that is hard for him was that he was 
sentenced as a Lifer, but with no hopes of a pardon or a review. 
I see his point since many other ones he mentioned, 
Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, John Hinckly Jr., Mark Hinsey Chapmen 
still all at least were given a parole review. 
The Judge who sentenced him told he would never walk the streets again. 
So for breaking & entering he was known as A Lifer 
without a chance of pardon or review does not make sense that this my friends is sad but true, 
that he will remain a Prisoner of his sentence until the end. 
I just want to share this with you since he knows we are genuine 
and that all our prayers are heartfelt too. 
So I guess when I get his address on one of the reviews he answered to me last night, 
I promise somehow this will not be in strife.
For now I ask you all here on this very site,
will Pray and somehow help him see the Light.
I needed to get this put into words as best as
that I could do. So my wonderful friends I pray once again that we can somehow, someway, say a
Prayer that he will at least be albe to face the review that I believe he is deserving of. 
Let us keep The Last Word alive, for now that is what he is Praying for 
and I told him that I would share this with all who care, 
because the Love we all have for boss hog will know it 
is a Prayer that is sent out from all of You who do Love.
God Bless You All Who Truly Care. 
So I get positve feedback to the boss hog that we are all behind him in this time 
we will mostly defintely send this out to those who care and want to share.

by Future1


God bless you, Future 1 aka/Butterfly/Judy. I certainly do not know much of the situation, but sometimes God allows things we do not understand so that we can be used of Him to the greater glory. I will certainly pray that the judge will consider the parole. God bless you, Hon. Love in Christ, Callie

Reviewed by Calliepooh

Amen! Boss Hog, you are encouragaing to many and appearantly take abuse in the Name of our LOrd a nd Saviour Jesus Christ. Count it all as blessing for you will recieve your rewardwhen we all get to Heaven! God bless you and yours! Sister in Christ, Callie

Reviewed by Calliepooh

Wait, Wait where are you going? What is happeneing here? Are you leaving the site? You have so much more to share. Please explain what is happening? bebairosa


Dear friend and brother. Your friendship means a lot to me because you are not always going to be behind the walls. One day we will meet in Glory and we can talk and share for as long as we like. I never asked how you get there because it doesn't matter to me. God has forgiven you and that is all that matters. He has forgiven me for a great deal of mistakes and poor choices. I will continue to pray for you brother. In Christ, Ron

Reviewed by Ron Jackson

Glad my name is on your list brother.You will find I have not gone away.Love to you my brother in life. Lloyd. farmerjack

Reviewed by farmerjack

My heart is with you brother, and I am going to pray for you. You are also going to be extremely missed.

The Last Word For Boss Hog Lives On/Free Verse by Lionel C. Whitehead AkA Boss Hogg

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