Nothing Is Impossible For You Lord

by Lionel Whitehead

Father Jehovah hear my prayer as                                                
I bowed this day before You my Eternal God, 
Of All creation hear my prayer;                                                            
My Father, Jehovah God with worship and Love 
I give unto You all praise 

Not that You might need it but that I give it freely
Because I truly Love You and know that You love me too.                
I thank You for Your Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge.                                

O God of all Creation. 
You who Know All Things at All times 
There is nothing that can be that You do not  bring fore
You who are all Knowledge and knowledgeable in All 
Inclusive from beginning to the ending-
There is nothing that You do not know! 
There is nothing that I can hide from You that 
You would care to know about me or anyone else 
In this vase universe.
I come before You clean and with thanksgiving. My Lord, 
My God there has never been a time, Father God, 
When You did not know ALL! 
Your Word tells us about Your Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge. 
Holy are You that created all things. 
You that sacrificed Your fleshly self that I might live
You that hold Wisdom by Your very Essence, but yet love me
You need not have to acquire it. Hear my prayer as I come before You 
My earthly life is passing me bye. I can not walk through these walls
Nor can I climb them, and even if I could, I would still be a convict
An escaped convict at large. 
I do not desire to escape My Lord. 
I desire to walk through these doors and out of that gate
With Your blessings.
I desire to live and taste some of the beautiful world that 
You have created for me before I go and be no more. 
I want to enjoy my children and my wife, 
to see my mother and siblings. 
To run and laugh in the wilderness again 
as my family and I picnic out in Your wide open creation.  
Lord hear my prayer request this day
For You know my heart. 
You have known me before I knew me. 
For You are my God, My life, and my Strength 
Hear my prayer And make a way that I return home to my family.
You can be Trusted above All, for Your Plans are 
the Wisest that could ever be devised. 
Great is Your Wisdom and Your Understanding! 
Vast are Your Riches! 
How impossible it is to understand Your Decisions and Methods. 
You who are Sovereign over All I call up on this day
That I might live and not die
What a Wonderful God You are! 
In Your Majesty and Beauty, there is Power and Strength. 
Everything Lives by Your Power and is for Your Glory and Honor
Lord blessed me this day that I might come from behind these walls and
Live among free humanity out in society again, 
that I might be able to come and go without someone behind me, 
or in front of me. 
My God, My Lord its been five years since 
I have gone outside of these walls that hold me confined... 
In Your Greatness, You Cover and Protect those who depend upon You, 
and Father God, You are a God who knows His people intimately; 
You who know my thoughts, attitudes and the motives of my hearts, 
For nothing in all of Your Creation is hidden from You. 
You who know my heart my Lord. 
You who created me I bow before You asking that 
I might walk out of these gates, and back to my family with open arms 
as we all embrace going forward.   
Into the blessed life that You intended for us to share.
Our true happiness comes from knowing You 
through The Only Saviour of mankind, Your Son, 
Our Lord Jesus Christ whom you gave that I might live and live abundantly
I worship and adore You Father God
You who have given me the Holy Spirit's Power within me, 
making me pure and a fragrant priesthood unto Yourself, 
all because of what Our Lord Jesus Christ has done for me; 
blessings and peace of heart and mind with You, 
Father God; You that has always enrich my life, 
You who has always given me full understanding of the Truth 
and Message of The Cross of Christ, through the Inspiration of 
Your Word and The Holy Spirit, for Your Glory. 
I humbly bow in awe of Your Majesty and Splendor: 
My Father, God of All Creation, All-Knowing, 
You who alone are Worthy, Just and Faithful.
 Such Perfection is too Wonderful for my minds to comprehend; 
Your Wisdom too Immense for me to know. 
I give You the sacrifices of praise and worship, Father God. 
In the Power and Might of the Holy Spirit 
and In the Precious Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, 
I come into Your presence. AMEN.

Nothing Is Impossible For You Lord by Lionel Whitehead

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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