Giving God the Praise For All of You!

by Lionel C. Whitehead AkA Boss Hogg

ALL honor, glory, and praise
Goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ! Jesus said, 
"Without me you can do NOTHING!"
And He is right.
Without Jesus we don't have a fight
Jesus Christ is the light of my life
I give Him all praises as I walk this life
As He order my footsteps day and night
I have been most blessed of men to be given 
The honor and privilege to serve our Lord in
such a meaningful way each and every day.

I sat in a Prison cell after rededicating my life 
Back to Christ and finally gave the Lord 
The one and only thing He ever wanted from me, 
And the one and only thing He ever wants from you...
My life completely, fully, and wholly surrendered to Him!

Because of Jesus Christ I am alive
I am simply a vessel God has chosen to use 
Just as He desire to use you and you too
At this moment in human history in the fulfillment of
His overall plan and purpose I know I am blessed
All I did was give my life completely to the
Lord and surrender myself to whatever 
His will for me is each day doing my best 
to serve and follow God faithfully.

It was God who has called me to do 
What I do today and I am simply doing my 
Best to follow His voice as I walk by faith each day.

While today is a day for reflection, 
I am very thankful for all that God has allowed me 
To do for Him.

I truly believe that we are in the last days, 
It makes me sad to know
That Jesus is coming at any moment, 
To heal, deliver, and make whole
He's coming for the blessed souls
I thank God for He has given me 
The privilege of trying to
Help bring in that last great harvest of souls 
From up in here, before the final chapters of 
Human history plays out.
This in it self is enough to shout about.
Today is my last day with all of you

I tell you that it's been great 
I am going to miss all of you and I thank God
For allowing me to be bless by so many blessed
And great people. 
I met some very special brothers and sisters
While visiting here at this workshop
You honored my work, and gave me a shot
At posting my works and being heard when a true
Poet I am not.
Many of you people I could have never met, 
Had it not been for this site. 

So I say to all of you stay bless as I leave
You tonight give God the praise for your lives and 
All those in it as you all walk lovingly into the light
Jesus might just be coming tonight.
ALL honor, glory, and praise
Goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus
For allowing me to be at least a grain of sand in 
This life.

Giving God the Praise For All of You! by Lionel C. Whitehead AkA Boss Hogg

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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