This Dish Of Justice

by Lionel C. Whitehead

This dish of justice was served cold,
I may sound bigoted to some of you, I know.
But doing that much to children isnít
really about the religion,
its about taking away something from a victim.
No one deserves to die such a horrible death
for vengence belongs to the Lord.
Is pedophilia developed by sexual abuse at
an early age?
I would like to say yes to that
But to be honest I donít know
I only know itís a horrible way to be.
I canít see how such a person will ever be free
Pedophiliac damages a person for life.
This is almost a universal understanding.
There is no way that he or she will ever
be whole without
Christ and up in here young and old men
sometimes has
To fight for their life.

This Dish Of Justice by Lionel C. Whitehead

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