The Devil Made Me Do It She Said! Two

by Lionel C. Whitehead

The morning had started off just great.
He had gotten off work, picked up breakfast
Grits, eggs, toast, orange juice and steak
For the two of them but ole satan wasn’t
about to let The joy he felt spread aboard.
He made sure her lover and her slept late
Satan is never subtle when he sends people
and Circumstances into our life.
He knew how much the man loved his wife.

Satan is NEVER subtle
When he sends people or circumstances
designed to destroy what do you think is
wrong with that girl or boy
He cares not how young or how old you might be
that ole creature is After the soul
Jesus clearly exposed the goal of satan in
John chapter 10 When He told us that satan comes
to kill, steal, and destroy.
Never lose sight of this truth or
he’d come right in!

The fact remains there is that moment in time
Where there is NO DOUBT linger in your mind
This is NOT coming from God but from the enemy
of your souls.
take your eyes off God and he'd reach his goal
we invite them into our hearts and our holy house
People give satan way too much credit.
most of the time through out flabbing our guns
and shooting off our mouths.
For he can be clever, this he can be subtle,
But think with me for a minute.
And you'll remember plenty.
that God wasn't in it.

Look back on your own life and experiences.
Whether you were saved or not,
when satan sent a person Or circumstance
into your life it was like the jackpot
Lights flashing, whistles and bells going off.

Even if it was only for one of those
"frozen moments in time,"
You KNEW that person or that circumstance was
NOT from God.
Still you gave unto them your heart.

While that still small voice was screaming in your head
Later on you might have wished that you was dead
When you come from the doctor after hearing what he’d said
Or something blew up in your face that shouldn’t have
Your business went under instead of over
You took one last drink instead of being sober.

Had you listen and kept your might and did what is right
Trouble would not have abound and lingered around
Where it ought to have been
You knew with out a doubt it would have been a
win, win, win.
Instead you allowed your self to loose with a sin.

We all have that "still small voice" that speaks to us.
When you are saved, in that daily intimate relationship with Christ,
you hear that voice loud and clear but instead you choose to ignore
Now you cry because you must pay the price.
Sometimes one must pay with his or her life.

But even for those who are not saved, not walking with the Lord,
actually living their lives in rebellion to God and His Word,
that voice still exists. it's up to you to listen to it or it dismiss

Though it may be faint, though that person may not understand who it is,
God speaks to all of us. When satan sends a person and circumstance
into your life, God will tell you this is NOT from Him.
The key becomes, do we listen to that "still small voice" or do we
Simply ignore it.

During the course of the day we have many opportunities
To follow God or follow satan comes
Whether you like to hear it or not,
When you are not following God, YOU ARE FOLLOWING SATAN.
When you choose sin, YOU CHOOSE SATAN.
It is the free will God has given to us to obey Him
Or not obey Him.
We get those opportunities many times throughout
The course of every day.
It is our opportunity to prove that we really do love
The Lord as we claim to,
Jesus said, "If you love me you will obey me."
Give me your life and you won’t have to fight your weary brain.

If you looking back on your life, looking back on the people,
Those circumstances that clearly were not from God but from
the enemy,
you will remember that "frozen moment in time"
when that "still small voice" was speaking to you,
trying to warn you.
These people and things Are not mines.

In that moment, you KNEW, you KNEW, you KNEW, the truth
That this person, this circumstance was NOT from God
that you should Should RUN as fast as you can.
Because you stood not a chance, just as the wife of that hurting man.

The Devil Made Me Do It She Said! Two by Lionel C. Whitehead

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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