Crystal Rock

by Boss Hogg

She was the loveliest lady I did know, 
She turned every head that knocked on her door. 
Her sweet kisses make me want more, 
she open my nose the first day we met, she whispered to me, 
"Honey did you like that? "
She was the baddest woman I have ever met 
curled me around her finger like I was a toy. 
Made me feel like I was a man, instead of a boy. 
At first she filled me with much, excitement and joy, 
until one day I realized for that Ole Girl I couldn't score. 
She was the devil advocate that's what I didn't know 
Many felt at her feet like they was losing their mind
 I hear tell tor her plenty are still doing time 
As old lovers died off, new one's came.
Crystal rock is her name.
When I think of her sometimes now I feel so ashamed 
how she treated me like a boy instead of a man. 
Back then that lady nearly drove me insane. 
Back then I thought I was a man but was a boy. 
That's why she played me like a toy. 
How many found to late Messing with Crystal rock was a grave mistake. 
So many of her lovers aren't around anymore, 
They are doing big-time for the Lilly white whore.  

Now that I sit doing time I found that lovely lady was never mines.  
Thousands of guys told me about the whore. 
From riches to rags she laid them out their own door.  
And they never want to see her any more. 
Yet they called on her every chance they got.  
The lovely lady was so damn hot. 

We followed her like she was god. 
Without her life was very hard. 
Wherever we could locate her, we made our way, 
Because we all needed her she didn't come looking for us,  
Many of my brothers are paying service till this day. 

Crystal Rock is a professional whore. 
We just couldn't get enough of her no matter what we did. 
Crystal name spread aboard. 
All the winners said she was to be avoid. 
Yet so many of us found leaving her behind was very hard. 
Crystal Rock was white as the snow, Sometimes she was mighty pure 

Other times she was cut real bad. 
Always kept me look at the first meeting that we had. 
The more I taste her, the more I wanted her. 
The more she grew, the more expensive she became. 
Then she became as solid as a rock, 
Once my finances got blocked  
Crystal Led me around like I was blind 
Making me spend my every dime. 
Woman almost made me lose my mind. 
She's even up in here behind the wall with us doing time, 
couldn't get away from her before 
Like all the rest, I couldn't get the lady out of my mind. 
Before I started serving to time. 
Out in the world on her, I spend my every dime. 
I'm now giving God the praise from her, me, He saved.  
Unlike many I didn't land in an early grave. 
It's not because of her that I am confined. 
Selling dope to others was never my thing. 
At last Crystal rock don't enter my dreams.  
Rocks flowed around me everyday there's nothing we can't get up in here. 
But Crystal Rock I don't go near. 

By Boss Hogg
Ephesians 4:19-24

Crystal Rock by Boss Hogg

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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