Father Bless me and Those Before Me

by Boss Hogg

Heavenly Father I come this evening giving You thanks and Praise. First I ask You to forgive me for all of my sins. Father I ask You right now to forgive me . . . forgive my parents, my grandparents . . . all of my family line back to the far distant beginning of this lineage which only You, God, can see. Forgive each of us for the sins we have committed. I ask You right now to cancel out the sinful transference that You have pronounced in Your Word.

Father I have had no life. I have existed in a world of darkness for so long. I do not know what other young men know about life out in the free world. There was so many things I have tried to control and could not do that I have done, I now find these things as inherited from my father, his father, his father, father going on and on. Father please remove the curse of the Bolars and Whiteheads out of my life. I remember so clearly when my Earthly father Lionel R. Bolar said to me "Boy you are penitentiary bound”. I am sure he did not know what he was doing to me or saying back then as he confessed his sorry for these words to me on his death bed. Lord he repented of what shot out of his mouth in anger and in his thought of teaching me what he say his father taught him. Lord bless me with this curse removed off my life. My father lived in the free world his whole life, while I live my life locked behind some man made wall. You said that the sins of my father's and my father's, father's would come down through the family line unto the third and fourth generation. Father, I represent a new generation. Lord I desire to change this right now. I want to live in obedience to You and Your commandments. I want to serve You. Lord I have no children of my own. I would love to have a few sons and daughters. And this can only happen if I am released from this place where I have been detained since 2001. Lord even murderers doesn't receive this kind of time. I have murdered no one physically as I know of, yet my life has been shorten because of the confinement within these walls. There are so much I have never been given the opportunity to do, taste and see. So much beauty outside these walls that I can only read about. Lord hear my confession and prayer this day. I ask You to open the gates that detain me from my future. Lord I want my children and their children to serve You.

The children that I might never have if I am continued behind these walls. Bless the children of the wife I married while a free man. I haven't seen them or heard from them in years even though they know I love them. Bless them to only remember the good of me. Bless their lives that they never see the inside of a place such as this. Lord, it is so lonely in here from all of my love ones and family. Friends have been so few in my life. I ask You to bless the few that has not forgotten me. I ask these things in Christ Jesus who died that I might live.

Right now, Father, I ask You to forgive my family members, living and dead . . . those in this world and those in the next. I pray with Jesus when he said, Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing. On behalf of those who are still alive, Father, forgive them. Bring them to repentance. Don't lay their sin to their charge. Father, I take charge today in standing in, as the representative of my family, forgive me for all of my sins, for the years I wasted returning to this place of evil darkness that took control of my mind and life as a foolish disobedient, hard hearted child.

Please Lord, I ask You to forgive my involvement in any sins I have committed, and the sins of my family line. I thank You and believe that the generational curse that has controlled my family and me is broken this day in Your eyes right now. I thank you, Lord, that by the full healing power of Your most Precious Blood, you have reached back to an unseen time and ahead into an unknown future. You have covered each soul, each sin, each member of my family lineage with the power of Your Blood. It is in Your Word that Jesus bore that curse for my family and me. Thank you, precious Lord.

Merciful Father, You know all about my childhood. You know about my dysfunctional family. My parents. Since my early childhood there were problems in my life, there were problems that has caused me to spend so much time behind the wall, until it became a part of me. There were problems of anger, and bitterness, shame, a sense of unworthiness, and rejection even as a child. Father, God forgive me for these negative dimensions of my life. Father, You know the people whose very names bring a negative reaction within me. They hurt me. They abused me. They abused me mentally as well as physically and religiously. Those that sinned against me. Right now, I confess to You my reactionary sin against them, my bitterness, anger, even hatred and rage against these people. Lord I take this time and ask You my Father to bring some of those names to my mind. I choose this day to forgive those people one by one.

Remembering what You dear Jesus said, If I do not forgive the transgressions committed against me, You my heavenly Father will not forgive me. In Your Word You said when I am standing, praying, I must Forgive, if I have anything against anyone, that You my Heavenly Father may forgive me. Bless me to stand on this principle of Your kingdom. Not naming all those that did such awful things against me that I have battled for years with anger and unforgiveness, these things that has left me not trusting those that might have been an assess in my life. I come to You Father as I am feeling these old hurts and pains that has caused me so much emotionally pain in my youth as well as to this day.

Lord help me to forgive as You my Father Jehovah God commands.. Help me to forgive all this ugliness in my life that is a result from the serious emotional bruising that I have suffered at the hands of other people and the things I have done to add to the pain and hurt in my life. I take this time decreeing a total healing of my emotions will come in time. Bless me with the gift of obeying the commandments You have placed before me, Thank You Father for helping me to forgive the things in my life that has caused pain to others.

Being locked away from society has helped me as well as taken from me. Here I have come to realize that they too might have been victims of somebody else's abuse. Being here has taught me that we are not born evil but the things that happens to us in this life and that which we inherit from our ancestors has caused so many of us to land behind this wall as well as unjust polices, dirty lawyers and judges, family and friends. I supposed they too might have been abused at some point in their lives causing them to act the way they do and did against me and so many serving time that do not belong here. My crimes against society as well as my family and You Father are many. Lord I know this doesn't absolve any of us of our accountability, but I know now that very often those who have victimized me were themselves first victimized by others. Lord bless me this day that this cycle of sin is broken and it must be broken right now. I thank You for the indwelling Holy Spirit helping me right now while yet behind this wall.

Father Jehovah God, my creator, my Lord, The prison has been my home for most of my life. I do not know what to expect from the society and communities out side of these walls, but I know You have servants in human form as well as spiritual that can help me to learn and to be a better person as I will never attempt to violate the laws of man nor Your laws. Or do any thing that will return me back into institutions of satan and his followers. Bless all those that are praying this day all over the world. Bless Your saints and warriors, Father to reach those they are praying for. Bless Lord God me with a job waiting that I will not be discriminated against. Bless me Father with all that the Locusts have taken from me. It is in Christ Jesus I come before You and lay these things at Your feet.

"It is Finished," You said to us, dear Jesus as you left this world. It is finished I take to mean that You left it to us to complete what it is we want in our lives and the choice of how we live. You blessed us with the authority to choose, and to lose. I have lost all my life. Bless me with the strength to stand strong, to rise above all this pettiness that has stolen my life. I ask for total deliverance this day Father. It is only through You that my past will not follow me or hinder me from living a successful and righteous life as I walk out of these doors of hell.

I decree this day the Blood of Christ Jesus, has made me Whole, Saved, Sanctified and Free.


Father Bless me and Those Before Me by Boss Hogg

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