Nineteen Years Later

by Boss Hogg

For us it was "Until death do we part." I just knew we would grow old together. Well our life family, was cut short, as for as loving each other, having each other’s back, running the streets, drinking, getting drunk and getting high. That's a long time ago, yet it's as if it was yesterday. My freedom, been gone over nineteen years now. It's been that long since I have had the pleasure of looking upon one of your faces. When my life was taken, not one of you attended the funeral. Our "Until Death do we part" was short lived.

As if they pulled the dirt over my head, Not one of you, my family, my friends, my closet cousins have bothered to visit, write, put money on the books for a phone call or to come see me. It's been more than nineteen years, and not once have any of you bothered to find time to put money on the books to talk to me or visit. and each of you are less than two hours away. All of you are closer to where I am then Mama. Just A few hours away. But I might as well be thousands of miles in the other direction.

It's not like you all don't have no transportation. All of you have cars. And I am less than two hours away...

Well I asked Mama to post this on Facebook, hoping that a few of these young anxious, wannabes or know it all's, might read it and sort of think for themselves, or come to understand being behind the wall ain't no bed of roses. I didn't want to hear and believe the stuff Mama used to say. But once inside most of us are forgotten. Many of us will never get out. We'll never see light of day outside the walls again. This place is home whether we wanna believe it or not.

Common sense isn't available when getting high, regardless if it's family or friends. Time don't stand still for any of us, especially up in here. And you Cuz who sent me a message "We've got our own lives. And she's right. Hell is Hell, with many levels. I met my first getting high with you, only I got caught up. I pray your life is a success story.

I can only pray one day The Heavenly Father will open the doors to give me another chance. But if not. I am here with Christ Jesus. Up in here, I keep it real. I know all I've got is Mama and God. Both of them loving me. God in here with me. Mama coming to visit me at every chance she can. She's getting up in age and gotten tired. It's been a long, healing, but the Lord and Mama been shaming me out of all the sins in my life. In all reality, my realizing the truth of what's happened to me. I know I have no one to blame but myself for what happened to me. So you all think you're better than me, and you might be right. As I write these words cuzs, I pray you all are living a good, blessed prosperous life. I pray you all have truly met the Christ. My life has passed me by up in here. I watch guys come and go. Murderers and rapists get less time. One day I learned why? To know and not do is a grave crime. I knew what not one of you knew. I knew of Christ Jesus and left Him behind.

Have a blessed life.

You cuz Boss Hogg

Nineteen Years Later by Boss Hogg

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