Freedomís Price

by Wallace L. Hathorne

Bombs dropping on Baghdad, Hitting targets of war. Families feeling awfully sad, Love ones away so far. America attacked Iraq with a bam! Missile targeted at Saddam. Trusting in Godís sovereignty, President Bush assures victory. Freedomís price is high, Many loved ones will die. Freedomís price we must pay, To secure the American way, For each solider that die in combat, America forever owes a debt. Will America ever regret? Fighting against this terrorism threat. For the lives that have been lost, Families have paid a painful cost. Yet, America lives on, Searching for her place in the will of God, America has played an awesome card. The repercussion associated with Bushís decision Could possible hinder Americaís vision? America the babe in the game, Honing the sharpness of her political aim. Americaís good intentions remain the same. For the seed you sow you shall reap. Godís will, America must continue to seek. Is Iraqi Freedom a good seed or bad? The answer to this question will come in time. If the answer is negative, where does America stand? Well this is the opinion of one man. America is rooted in love That is superior to the roots of hate. America can expect help from God above. The hopes of our land, Are firmly planted in Godís hand. America will continue to stand, America has an essential part in Godís plan.

Freedomís Price by Wallace L. Hathorne

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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