The Chameleon

by Visual Sound

I was stuck in life.
Perpetually walking in place
Until I learned to become what America fears.
I learned to be The Chameleon. 
A Super Human being with the ability
To adjust and adapt to any situation thrown in front of me

Be very afraid of The Chameleon!
For I have the mental strength of ten men
That will doom any legion pitted against me.
Able to leap through any College or University
In a single bound.
Floating through Academic America
With Akademik sweat pants on.
Using my super cool breath
To make you actually believe that I was ignorant of the game.

I, The Chameleon have now set my sights on Corporate America
As I change into my three piece suit disguise,
And wreak havoc on all the evil bigots,
By proving their prejudices wrong like Jesse Owens.  
There are countless games,
And lies that entrap and frustrate
A lot of brothas and sistas.
But not The Chameleon!
My X Ray vision sees right through
The Two Faces and Jokers
Who try to set us up for failure.
But I'm the dark knight who will kick in any door,
And break down any barriers that hold's my people back.

You can focus your attention on me,
The Chameleon,
If you'd like,
But I will not fail.
For I have millions of young super friends that have my back.
Living normally,
But working covertly with their own super powers
They are in your office building with you,
Having power lunches right across from you.
Waiting for you to become villainous
So that in a Flash,
We can call all the punishers and wonder women to arms.
America beware.
The fogs of injustice will no longer cloud
The dreams of true equality, and righteousness.
I, The Chameleon
Have arrived!

The Chameleon by Visual Sound

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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